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Live Info Session Europe

How to become a Full-stack Developer with Code Institute

Join our discussion on the exciting prospects for new software developers. Discover our Full-Stack Software Development Programme, tailored to support your learning journey and career transition. Jane Gormley, our Director of Career Services, will tell us about how her fantastic team helps our students score those exciting first roles.

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    Wednesday, the 22nd of May
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    18:00-18:30 (Dublin Time)
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    Online – Registration Required

Live Info Session UK

How to become a Full-stack Developer with Code Institute

Join us for an exciting discussion about the incredible opportunities awaiting new software developers in the UK! In this event, we’ll walk you through our Full-Stack Software Development Programme, which is designed to support your learning journey and career change. Jane Gormley, our Head of Career Services, will share insights on how her team helps students secure their first roles.

Free Event

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    Wednesday, the 22nd of May
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    18:00-18:30 (London Time)
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    Online – Registration Required

Live Info Session

How we help you change career

Join us for an exclusive session to discover the impactful work led by Jane Gormley and the Career Services team at Code Institute. Get the lowdown on the passionate efforts they pour into helping our grads snag those first jobs in the tech industry. If you’re eyeing a career switch to software development via our full-stack course, this is your golden chance to bond with the team that’s got your back on the exciting journey to landing your debut role as a developer!

Free Event

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    Friday, the 24th of May
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    12:00 – 12:45 UTC+1
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    Online – Registration Required

Free Online Coding Course

5 Day Coding Challenge

Sign up for our free 5 Day Coding Challenge, where you’ll spend an hour a day over five days soaking up the wisdom of our Programme Director, Brian O’Grady. Uncover the essentials of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – the building blocks of the web! By the end of this short, free course, you’ll proudly unveil your very first webpage and score a certificate to flaunt your new skills. Don’t miss out – register today and let the coding magic begin this Monday!

Free Short Course

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    Monday, the 20th of May
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    Flexible, one hour a day over 5 days
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    Online – Registration Required

On-demand events


Recorded: January 2024 Duration: 1 hour

What is AI? Narrow, AI, General AI & Artificial SuperIntelligence

Code Institute’s Brian O’Grady and Peter O’Connel unravel the intricacies of AI. Navigating through the various types of Artificial Intelligence, they shed light on the pivotal role that software developers play in shaping the future landscape of AI in the workforce.


Recorded: January 2024 Duration: 49 mins

Opportunities for Software Developers in 2024

Director of Career Services, Jane Gormley talks about the opportunities for new software developers in 2024. It’s not just about the coding skills, we hear about just how important soft skills are to your future career in tech.


Recorded: October 2023 Duration: 54 mins

Hiring Developers in the Age of AI

At our most recent Elevate event, we spoke with members of Mendix and Microsoft about their thoughts on software developers and how they work in the age of AI. In this event, they tell us their thoughts on hiring in the age of AI.


Recorded: October 2023 Duration: 59 mins

How important is Diversity in Tech?

Marita Harper from Trinnovo Group, Barry Walsh from Focus On Diversity, Niall Maher from Codú talk to us about the importance of diversity in tech. Diversity means so many things, and this informative event talks about many of them.

Student events

Student community event


A hackathon is a timed event in which teams made up of both students and industry experts get together to collaborate intensively on creative projects.

Careers event

Elevate 2024

Code Institute’s Virtual Careers and Networking Event for Learners, Alumni and Hiring Partners.

Industry events

In-person event & online

AI Tech Skills Forum 2024

The AI Tech Skills Forum 2024, co-hosted by Code Institute, TechIreland and Longford Westmeath Education and Training Board, is the first event of its kind in the North East / Border region.

In-person event – IAC London

Software Development & Training in the age of AI

The IAC (Industry Advisory Council) is a key, regular engagement between Code Institute as educators and the tech industry as employers.

Invite only event

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