Guide to Tech Lingo – 2023. Find your way around tech jargon

This guide offers you the meanings behind some of today’s most commonly-used tech terms and gives you insights into some of the lingo that is now in the parlance of hundreds of thousands of employers worldwide.

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“Software is eating the world” – this is how the founder of Netscape, one of the world’s first popular web browsers, starts a famous essay on the tech industry’s future.

The words seem sinister at first glance, yet when you think about them for a moment, they are clearly true, even obvious. There is hardly anything we do (or even say) that does not involve software; it won’t be long before our fridges start chatting to us or when software is driving our cars rather than just telling us how to get to our destination.

We look at the A to Z of some of today’s most common and exciting tech terms. From APIs to repositories, this eBook tech term guide has you covered.

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