Coding careers for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community

The aim of this pilot program is to give learners the job-ready skills to become software developers. The course delivers the practical skills to design, create, build and test a Full-Stack web-based software application. Training expected to commence on November 06, 2023.

Course overview

Course content is designed to develop learners’ skills in the most relevant and up-to-date coding languages and tools. It is approved by an Industry Advisory Council of technology leaders to ensure relevance and is credit-rated by the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). 

Learners work through a series of practical projects through guided learning hours supported by online tutoring, mentoring and community activities. Peer-to-peer learner support is provided via active Slack channels. A weekly interpreter-supported group session will be provided to learners.  

Assessment is via five practical projects covering each aspect of front-end and back-end software development (full-stack). Graduates are supported by Code Institute’s Career Services team in preparing applications and presenting for technical interviews.

The course is suitable for people interested in coding or those who wish to change direction and enhance their career prospects. Applicants undertake a set of challenges to introduce them to coding basics and assess their suitability for this course.

Entry requirements

You must be at least 18 years old

Aptitude: Completion of Code Institute’s 5-Step Coding Challenge. A logical thinker who wishes to learn and problem solve.

Questionnaire and personal statement: Submit a min. 500-word personal statement and complete a questionnaire.

Previous experience: The course is designed to take people from little or no knowledge of coding to job-ready software developers. An interest in software development and coding is necessary.

Comfortable studying online and at a self-directed pace. Training and support are primarily text-based, so you must be comfortable with that format.

Course content

Awarding Body

HTML Essentials


Diploma in Full Stack Software Development (eCommerce Applications)

Awarding Body

Code Institute

CSS Essentials

Python Essentials

Comparative Programming Languages

JavaScript Essentials

Full Stack Toolkit

E-commerce Applications

Learning outcomes

By participating in the Diploma in Software Development, the learner will;

Develop knowledge and skills in the design, development and testing of code solutions to problems

Develop competence in the application of frameworks and code libraries to optimise the production and testing of code solutions

Develop knowledge and understanding of systems for storing data and acquire skills in accessing and integrating data from various sources

Develop an understanding of the characteristics of user interfaces and implement solutions that meet user requirements

Develop competence in the deployment of web-based information systems that are secure

Develop specialist competencies in the implementation of software development solutions

Be prepared for employment in a software development role at a professional level

Develop awareness of the business context when developing and marketing a software application

Further details

Applicants must complete the short challenges (5-Step Coding Challenge) and submit their questionnaire and personal Statement within 7 days of receiving their login credentials from Code Institute (steps 3 and 4 of the process below). You must achieve 100% completion of the 5-Step Coding Challenge before proceeding to step 4.

Application process

Follow the steps below to complete the application process;

Register your interest via the Apply Now button.

Code Institute will enroll you into the assessment process.

Complete the 5-Step Coding Challenge.

Submit the questionnaire and personal statement

After completing the 5-Step Coding Challenge Code Institute provides the applicant(s) with instructions on how to submit the questionnaire and personal statement.

Application review

Code Institute will review your application. After a successful review, Code Institute will share your personal statement with the Irish Deaf Society.

Application outcome

The Irish Deaf Society will arrange an interview day and time directly with you. A member of Code Institute’s Admissions team will attend this interview.

Application outcome

Code Institute will communicate your application outcome via email.