Hiring Developers in the age of AI and LowCode

Are you interested in how AI will impact Software Developers in 2024?

At Code Institutes recent online global careers fair, many important topics were discussed, including this hugely topical discussion around the advancements in AI and LowCode and, with help from Mendix and Microsoft on how this could develop in the coming years! 

This event features Reshmi Goff, who heads the EMEA pre-sales & sales strategy & execution at Microsoft, driving CRM and ERP platforms to new heights across all segments. Also talking is Menno Odijk. Menno is the Field CTO at Mendix. He is passionate about how smart people with the right technology can make organizations excel. Having been in the field of low code and enterprise applications for many years, Menno knows what it takes to make IT work. 

This particular event was hosted by Code Institute’s Head of Product, Peter O’Connell. 

24/7 – Watch Now
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Reshmi Goff
Head of Business Application Pre-Sales, Microsoft
Menno Odijk
Field CTO, Mendix
Peter O’Connell
Head of Product

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