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At Code Institute, our main priority is the well-being and education of our students and customers. It is of paramount importance to us that we do everything to ensure that our students receive the most effective course materials from our programmes. One of the means of ensuring that our students get the information they need, in the most effective manner, is to view the visual journey that they take through our site. This, mixed with certain profile information, allows us to learn the in-site habits of our students. To do this, our website collects aggregate data and information from our website. As a result, we can offer a better user experience, better course materials, and better products.

Below is Code Institute’s Privacy policy. To make this content more readable, we have broken it into sections as follows.


There are three types of information that Code Institute collect.

  1. Collected information which is generated by our systems (or those of third parties) to track the traffic of our website. This allows us to tailor our marketing solutions.
  2. Personal information such as; contact information (including email) name, and occasionally billing details, financial and credit information (depending on whether you purchase a product through Code Institute).
  3. Information given to us through surveys, subscriptions, etc.

The type of information that Code Institute collects depends on the type of services that you opt for on our website, on the phone, through sales and in-person at Open Evenings or Code Institute external events.

In general, the information that we collect is not sensitive information. For example, we do not collect information regarding religion, sexual preference, race, or ethnic origin. Our purpose for collecting information is to provide you with a service or a product.

If it occurs that we require such information to supply a product to you, we will only request that information with your consent.

How we use aggregate data

Code Institute collects non-personal information as aggregate data like, how users utilise our website. For example, we monitor the number of visits to our site; we track the number of visits to certain pages on our site, and the domain names of our users’ internet service provider.

This aggregate data allows us to examine trends and gather insights that would not be readable if the elements of data were viewed in isolation. It is a means that enables us to understand the workings of our website and services, and in turn, this allows us to improve and enhance our services. We may also use this data with our partners to improve our educational and employment services.

IP (Internet Provider) Address

Your IP address is supplied to Code Institute through our web servers. This aids us in diagnosing problems or support issues with our servers.


Code Institute uses cookies on our website. The use of cookies enables you to use services such as our training courses and challenges. It is possible for you to disable cookies. However, this may result in restricted access to some of our services and web pages.

How we collect information and data

Code Institute may collect data when you use our website, over the phone or through email when you use our services. This includes registering for courses, challenges, events, and subscribing to our services, such as our newsletter. Information may also be collected when you use our student services or correspond with Code Institute over the phone, through the website, via email, or through any other forms of communication. Code Institute may also collect data provided to us through our partners.

How we use this information

Code Institute may use this data for any or a combination of these reasons:

  • To communicate with you (over phone, email, newsletters, etc.)
  • To facilitate and process contracts
  • To analyse the traffic on the Code Institute website
  • To facilitate registration to our products/courses/bootcamps
  • To aid our marketing activities
  • To inform you of our courses/services/etc.
  • To pursue our legitimate interests reasonably in a manner which is reasonably expected as part of running our business. These interests do not materially impact your rights, freedom or interests.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

On occasion, Code Institute may disclose your information to our partners. This may facilitate enrolment or aid in the advances of our services. Our partners include training partners and employer partners.

If you require a payment plan for any of our services, Code Institute may collect personal information about you, such as; name, email, postal address and telephone number. Our billing partner will ask for financial and credit information. In this instance, Code Institute does not see the financial information. Our billing partner may require additional information to set up the plan. This is a matter for you and our payment plan partner and is not covered in this Privacy Statement.

If needed, Code Institute may also disclose information to third party contractors who update the management and maintenance of our information systems. If this happens, Code Institute takes any necessary steps to ensure that these contractors are bound by confidentiality agreements to protect your information.

Apart from that outlined above, Code Institute will not disclose your personal information without your permission – unless necessary by law or to prevent a threat to life or health.

Access to information about you

If requested, Code Institute will provide you with access to your personal information – unless there is an exception which applies under the General Data Protection Regulation, Data Protection Act 2018 and The Privacy and Electronic Communications – EC Directive – Regulations 2003. However, if we do deny access to data, we will explain to you why.

In giving you access to the requested information, Code Institute may recover any reasonable costs associated with the provision of information. If you would like to request information, please contact Code Institute through the relevant means outlined at the bottom of this statement. If you are a registered Code Institute user, access to your registered profile is available at any time.

Updating information

Code Institute likes to ensure that the information we hold is accurate, correct and up to date. If the information we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, or if you would like your details removed from our website, please contact This will allow us to take reasonable steps to address or discuss alternative options with you.

Security and storage of your information

Code Institute takes necessary and reasonable steps to ensure the protection and privacy of your personal information. In accordance with the Privacy Promise, we regularly review and implement new security and encryption technologies. While we do take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of your information, unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed total security. While we do strive to protect all information, we can not ensure or warrant the security of any information you give to us or obtain from our online services and products. Therefore, the use of our services is at your own risk.

However, once your information does come into our possession – we take all reasonable actions to protect your information from unauthorised access, loss or misuse. We also strive to protect that information from modification or disclosure. If we find that a security breach has occurred, we have procedures to minimise the effects, and we will liaise with you and the office of the Data Protection Commissioner as appropriate.

Additional information

Links to external sites

Code Institute’s website does contain links to other websites for convenience purposes. While we may link to third party websites, it does in no way indicate an endorsement of their site, policies or practices – unless stated. If you are concerned about your privacy on those sites, please check their privacy policies.

Elimination of personal information

Reasonable procedures are in place to dispose of personal information once the requirement for said information is finished – or as authorised or required by law.

Changes to our privacy policy

On occasion, Code Institute may change its privacy policy. We advise our user to periodically review our policies. Continued use of our site and services constitutes your acceptance of the use and collection of your personal information.

For further information about your privacy rights, please go to

Contact us

Questions regarding our Privacy Policy

We welcome questions and feedback regarding our website, and indeed our Privacy Policy. We may use said feedback to better our services, products and websites. It may also be shared with our partners in aggregate form or with identifying characteristics removed.

If there are any questions regarding our Privacy Promise or any other angles of Code Institute’s website, please contact us through any of the following means.

Phone: 01- 539 7973
Registered Address: 1st Floor, Block 1, Blackrock Business Park, Carysfort Ave, Blackrock, Co Dublin.