Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Inclusive Education for Careers Changers

At Code Institute, we pioneer accelerated training models to empower adults and underrepresented communities to change careers into tech. Regardless of previous barriers to education and employment, Code Institute believes everyone should be able to pursue a meaningful career they love.

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Our commitment to broadening access to tech education

Gender Balance

Funded training programmes for women address gender imbalance in the tech sector.

Ukraine Scholarship Fund

Delivering a tech qualification that meets employment needs of refugees displaced by conflict.

Removing Age Barriers

Enabling those whose roles are becoming digitised or redundant to transition into a tech career.

Making career change into tech employment possible for all

Code Institute is broadening access to tech employment by transforming stereotypes of who and what software developers can be. Our courses are designed to be inclusive, with shared aspiration to respect, learn and code. Together with nonprofits, government leaders, and companies, we work to enable all adults and underrepresented groups to unleash their potential and pursue careers in tech. Our goals are big, and we know our work will never be done, but we have confidence that together we can shape a better future for everyone.

Our partners who share our values


How we promote inclusively in tech education

Global access to software development education through our online platform & supports

Tackling ageism in education – 40% of students are over 35

Delivered €300K in Refugee & Ukrainian Scholarships

Launched the first ever Women in Coding cohort

Partnering with European governments to promote technical skills development and enhanced employment opportunities

Providing a safe learning environment for a diverse community – supporting neuro-diversity, LGBTQ+, and all career changers

How we deliver

inclusive pathways into tech

Skills to Succeed

We give those in need access to valuable skills that provide long-term, sustainable employment opportunities.

Careers Accelerator Program

Our careers team work with each individual to help them navigate the jobs market and find a role that suits their unique skillset and career aspirations.


We work with industry partners to provide short, job-relevant internships to help learners gain confidence in their abilities and develop their skills in a professional setting. This provides marketable experience that will get them in front of hiring managers.

Exclusive Access to Hiring Managers

Our Careers Services Team arrange events and seminars that give learners exclusive access to hiring managers. These informal sessions open the door to conversations, networking and real industry insights.

A Community of Passionate Learners

We are a like-minded community with shared aspirations to respect, learn and code. With our powerful alumni network of 3000 developers and more than 1000+ hiring partners, we are making a real impact on the future of Digital Skills in Europe.

Diversity Boosts Performance

The differential likelihood of outperformance – 48% – separates the most from the least gender-diverse companies

Code Institute is recognised by industry as the gold-standard in career Ethnic and gender diversity in the workplace brings a richer more layered aspect to business decisions and greater creativity to solving business problems. In fact, a McKinsey report  shows that organisations with gender diversity have a 25% better likelihood of financial outperformance while ethnic diversity increases it further to 36%. The differential likelihood of outperformance – 48% – separates the most from the least gender-diverse companies.

Coding Careers for Women

Coding Careers for Women is a joint initiative between Code Institute, Education and Training Boards, Regional Skills Fora and tech employers in Ireland. It offers women who are unemployed or returning to the workforce a pathway into tech careers.

Scholarships for Refugees

LevelUp is a CSR initiative, in partnership with Zartis, aiming to Code Institute has been working to offer scholarships for refugees across several European countries, including Ireland, Spain and Germany. This CSR initiative is part of the LevelUp programme in partnership with Zartis. Code Institute aims to upskill refugees and asylum seekers in software development by providing them with focused training and connecting participants with tech employers.

Ethical Outplacement

During a corporate restructuring project, Code Institute partnered with ING outplacement department and offered staff reskilling opportunities as a part of their exit package.  Code Institute ran an intensive 16-week online programme for Dutch employees. These students were supported with bi-daily check-in’s, 1:1 career support, tutoring and monitoring. Within three months of completing the course, all students gained employment in technical roles.


1000+ Hiring Partners Employ Our Graduates

“Attracting and hiring Emerging Talent into META is a high priority and our partnership with Code Institute helps us to identify career changers who are commencing brilliant careers as developers. “
Madeline Medina
Manager, Emerging Talent Pipeline Programs & Partnerships
“Code Institute has been supporting our apprenticeship programs to develop new coders and particularly have been a great partner and source of a more diverse technical talent pool.”
Maya Tudor
Global Apprenticeships Specialist, Google
“We really value our partnership with Code Institute. We have gained, and continue to develop, our successful hires from this brilliant tech community. The team are brilliant to work with, and we always hire from the back of our recruitment events.”
Marcella Molteni
Recruitment Business Partner at Adyen
“Having hired some brilliant talent into our tech teams from the Code Institute Community, we are firm believers in the skill sets that career changers add to our team.”
Gary Ludgate
Talent Manager at Phorest
“Code Institute has been a great source for new software developers for our teams. We have participated in events, programs and profiling our site for Women in Tech hires.”
Catherine Hough
Early Careers Campus Recruiter