How will AI Impact Software Developers? – Watch on Demand

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Webinar recorded: October 2023

Check out this on-demand webinar between Code Institute, Microsoft and Mendix on how advancements in AI will impact software developers.

The Importance of Software Developers in an AI-Driven Future

The Importance of Software Developers in an AI-Driven Future

Webinar recorded: December 2023

This webinar aims to explore the evolving landscape of software development in the era of artificial intelligence and shed light on the opportunities and challenges that developers face.

Join Patrick O’Keef, CTO, FeatureBase, is a versatile and dedicated software business executive with 25 years of experience in software engineering. He builds great agile software teams and helps them build amazing software

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How Do I Start A Career In Software?

Tech offers a fulfilling career with great prospects but the industry is not good at…

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