A Diverse Pipeline

Code Institute graduates are armed with all the qualifications and knowledge that you would expect from a student of Europe’s only credit-rated coding bootcamp. Our graduates come from all walks of life and boast wisdom that has been earned, not just learned.

Hassle Free Hiring

Our dedicated careers team has personal relationships with our graduates. This detailed knowledge of their individual skills along with our data analytics platform, gives us the ability to match our hiring partner’s needs with a graduate’s talents, quickly and without fuss.

Ready for Deployment

Our developers have experience in remote learning and working, and are flexible to cover a variety of roles from pure development, technical consultancy or support. Available on short, medium or permanent contracts.

Some of Our Hiring Partners:

Our Dedicated Careers Team

Contact Jane Gormley, Director of Employer Engagement, to discuss your talent requirements.

Diverse Developers

Our developers are as diverse as your site. We work in partnership to deliver bespoke hiring plans and match our developers to your culture and technical requirements.


Developers available for short & medium contracts.

What Our Hiring Partners Say

John Doran,
Director of Engineering, Phorest.

“Code institute provides Phorest with high-quality candidates that have received best of class industry education and extensive knowledge around how to build modern software applications. We look forward to growing talented people in partnership together” 

Maya Tudor,
Global Apprenticeships Specialist, Google.

“Code Institute has been supporting our apprenticeship programs to develop new coders and particularly have been a great partner and source of a more diverse technical talent pool.” 

Viktor Strömberg,
Global Project manager, Work International.

“Code Institute is an exciting technical talent provider to the Nordic tech scene. Code Institute match each student to the right employer. I look forward to many more best matches ” 

How We Work With You

Need Developers?

Permanent, Contract, Temporary hiring – we have developers to fit the bill.

Meet Your Match

We use our proprietary analytics tool to identify developers suited to your needs.

Filtered Results

You receive a shortlist of top candidates with the right competencies available on short, medium or permanent contracts.

Ready to Go

We arrange an interview so you can get to know each other, review their portfolio and discuss your requirements. 

Industry Approved
University Credit-Rated

Sample of Student Projects

Diversity that makes a difference. With a portfolio of work our Developers can demonstrate their diverse range of skills. Our developers are from all walks of life, backgrounds and professions, the hands-on course means that Code Institute Full Stack Developers have a practical, as well as a theoretical knowledge of coding.

User Centric Front End Development
1. User Centric Front End Development
A very talented, original young songwriter with all the trademarks of a great career ahead.
Featured project: User Centric Front End Development Student: David O’Dea
Interactive Front End Development:
2. Interactive Front End Development:
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Premier League’s Top Six” or the “Big Six”? If you’ve been following the Premier League action, particularly over the last six seasons, then you probably have.
Featured project: Interactive Front End Development: Student: Minesh Kothari
Data Centric Development
3. Data Centric Development
This is a free-to-play game with a 4×4 and 6×6 board. This Game is built as a project for my Full Stack Web Development training.
Featured project: Data Centric Development Student: Martin Loef
Full Stack Frameworks
4. Full Stack Frameworks
Create visually-appealing, responsive web applications that elicit a positive user experience.
Featured project: Full Stack Frameworks Student: Michael Park