11 reasons why you should learn HTML

Technically HTML is a programming language. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. If HTML is a real programming language or not is not of huge importance. What is important is why you should learn HTML. There are many reasons why HTML is a good language to have in your repertoire, whether you want to be a programmer or not. In this blog, I will run through 11 reasons why you should learn HTML: 

1. HTML is the primary language of the web

HTML is the language that the web is built upon. It is the only language that a browser understands. By learning HTML, you are also teaching yourself to understand how the web works. Websites you visit are all built upon HTML and you will quickly get an understanding of how they were built as soon as you understand a bit of HTML.

2. You will understand websites better, if you learn HTML

It can be nice to understand how information on a website is structured, when you are scouring the web. By learning HTML, you will give yourself the opportunity to understand how different aspects of a website works and communicate with each other. That will make your online presence a whole new experience.

3. It is easy to understand and implement

There are many programming languages out there. They vary in difficulty to learn. Many would say that HTMl is one of the easier languages to learn and implement.  But that it is easy, does not mean it is less useful. With HTML you will quickly learn to set up easily understandable websites, as well or even better than with other languages.

4. You can start a career in web design

As HTML is the foundation of websites, it is an option to pursue a career in web design, if you become familiar with HTML. Here CSS will be an important piece to learn, as you design the websites with that. 

5. It is easier to understand other programming languages, after you learn HTML

After having learned HTML, other programming languages will come easier to you. The syntax will be different, but the way you programme will essentially be the same.

6. Make your own websites

Maybe you have an idea about a website you want to create, that shows something about yourself. Here an idea could be a nice CV or a virtual application. With HTML and CSS you can put up CV’s in a new and creative way.

7. HTML can help you in all kinds of jobs

Even if you are not looking for a career in web design, HTML can help you. Every company values a worker that has fundamental programming skills. Not to mention the technical team, that will love you for it.

8. Enhance your professional profile

If you are looking for a new job, HTML is a good skill to have on your CV. There are not many companies out there that do not need and make use of some programming in their business. And if they are not, you can help them get started.

9. Technology will have a even larger impact in all businesses

Many companies are moving their business online, and that is a trend that is not stopping in the near future. That also means that small mistakes will happen with websites and other online tools that the company is using. To have an employee that understands where the problem is, without having to call out for help can be worth the weight in gold.

10. A universal programming language that never goes out of date

While many programming languages come and go, HTML and CSS are universal languages that never go out of style. Therefore, it is a good place to start. You can always build upon it, with new languages, if you get a taste for it. 

11. You will learn problem solving skills

In its essence programming is problem solving. You take one problem at a time and in the end you have a finished product. Problem solving skills are always welcome in a company. And not forget that it is also a skill we use extensively in our private life.

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