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Industry Advisory Council

Shaping and Promoting the Next Generation of Software Developers

Industry Advisory Council

Industry Advisory Council

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) comprises industry employers, recruiters, academics, enterprise organizations, and startups.
The Industry Advisory Council promotes and encourages the highest standards in the education and delivery of software developers.
The IAC provides validation and guidance on the Code Institute’s programmes.
The IAC ensures that our graduates have the most up-to-date skills necessary to gain employment and subsequently grow and prosper in their new job.

Industry Council Members

Next Industry Advisory Council Meeting takes place on Tuesday, 20th November 2019 in Dublin, Ireland

"They're learning technologies that are very relevant to our clients. We find that college graduates are more focused on the theory, whereas in Code Institute, they're more focused on the practicalities and have hands on experience"

James Ryan, Accenture

“They learn how to program and how to solve the issues. So when they come to us, we know we have very good software developers from Code Institute”

Daan van Campen, Capgemini

"We have partnered with Code Institute in order to attract graduates into our company, most of whom have a good commercial understanding... the syllabus and coursework is very aligned with commercial interest"

Claire Gannon, Cartrawler

"The graduates of Code Institute have a skillset that's in high demand. By partnering with them, we're in a nice position to deliver relevant jobs to a relevant set of people"

Andrew Kilgallon, Jobbio


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