A career in software development? But why?

With many people considering a career change and the rising digital skills gap, a career in software development can be both lucrative and rewarding. In this article, we look at why one should consider a career in software development.

The Digital Skills Gap

Worldwide, there is a skills gap in the field of software development. In May 2022, the European Commission indicated that more than 70% of businesses said: “that the lack of staff with adequate digital skills is an obstacle to investment.” And in 2020, the World Economic Forum indicated that between 2020 and 2025, 85 million jobs are at risk of being automated. Here’s the good news, in place of these jobs will come 97 million new roles “that are more adapted to the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms”. 

There is no denying it; being a software developer right now is a smart move. The current batch is in high demand. By the looks of things, they’re in a better position than ever before. Today, we look at five reasons why you should consider a career in software development.

5 reasons to consider a career in software development

Before we start with the list, look around you. Pretty much everything from your laptop to your smartphone, from your car to your TV, requires some input from a software developer. It’s true. I love to use the example of the Ford F150 pickup truck. This is made up using over 150 million lines of code. The average car has 100 million lines of code. Technology is all around us, and as we continue to invent and create things, technology and coders will become all the more important.

Jobs in high demand

Right now, there is a massive global skills shortage in every sector. Log onto your go-to jobs site and type in the word “software”. How many jobs popped up? Probably thousands. The thing is,  software development skills are no longer confined to the tech industry. Having these skills is a bonus for most jobs. All good businesses have websites and apps, and the requirement for IT know-how is huge.

High salaries

While software developers’ salaries vary from location to location, they all share one common thread – they’re generally high. For example, in London, some sources reckon that a Junior Developer can earn as much as £40 to £65k. The average junior in the UK starts from circa £28k. 

In Ireland, sources say a junior full stack developer in Dublin can earn circa €45k+. Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and others also show handsome developer salaries

Remote work & self-sufficiency

Some workplaces are trying to get people back in the office. However, if you prefer not to be confined to an office environment all day, the opportunity for remote work is a lot higher in software development. As long as you are producing code at an adequate rate and creating what is required in a timely fashion, it is not uncommon for many code workers to work remotely.

Such is the coding landscape at the moment that the opportunity to freelance and offer contract services to companies is higher. Likewise, many software developers have seized the opportunity to create their own companies and businesses because of the skills gap.

Climb the ladder

It is easier for coders to climb a career ladder. This is because new technology is always required and because so many industries depend on it. Companies are constantly looking for software developers and as teams grow, so too do management structures. Generally, a Junior Developer turns into a Senior Developer within five years. After that, your value increases, and so too, does your spot on the career ladder.

Job satisfaction

Firstly, the satisfaction from creating code is unmatched. Unlike some other jobs, your results are always easy to see after you design something with code. Whether it’s a website that you are designing or adding lines of code to future tech, the results are generally clear. Secondly, if you are a problem solver, then this is the role for you.

Start Coding – for free

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