Daragh Ó Tuama

Content & Production Manager

Daragh is Code Institute’s Content Manager. With a long history in journalism, he has a huge interest in all things tech. Daragh also has a background in radio and TV, and has presented and contributed to shows on RTÉ, Newstalk, Today FM, TG4, and many more. He has a degree in modern Irish and history, and more recently, he has attained a certificate in sustainability studies. Daragh is also a videographer and is responsible for much of the content delivered to Code Institute. Daragh joined Code Institute in 2018.

My Time is Now – Darragh Browne Testimonial

Our latest testimonial has arrived. Meet Darragh Browne, a Code Institute graduate who has kept in touch with us over the years. Those of you who have followed Darragh’s story will know that he’s transitioned from deli to developer. Darragh joined Code Institute in 2015 and since then his career has grown from strength to strength. […]

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15-Minute Rule – who you gonna call?

In our Full-Stack course, our tutors and mentors recommend something called the 15-minute rule. Yep… we all know what the 5-second rule is, which is completely different, and if you were to eat your food 15 minutes after it landed on the ground, that would be unhygienic. No, the 15-minute rule is a wise way […]

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Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Education

When we think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there are generations of us who immediately think of the movie world. Depending on your age, some will think of Johnny-5 from Short Circuit. Others will think of the Terminator. Some may even think of that kid in the 2001 movie, “AI – Artificial Intelligence”. While all these movies […]

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International Tech Events – May 2018

Tech events can be a great place to start for any up-and-coming coder or digital professional. Furthermore, networking is a must in this game, and there are few opportunities that give you such open access to tech companies. Companies show their wares at these tech events, and they themselves are there to meet new innovators […]

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The importance of Coding and the changing global careerscape

Coding and its importance to future careerscapes can’t be underestimated. As the world looks to automation and Artificial Intelligence, now, more than ever, we need to equip ourselves with coding capabilities.  Coding is proving to be of huge importance to the global careerscape. Clever code has made dramatic changes to how we approach work and […]

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