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We understand that funding can be tricky, and we continually look for ways to support your career transformation journey. We have laid out some different finance options you can consider. If you have any questions about eligibility or how to apply, please get in touch with our Education Advisors by clicking here.

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Flexible Monthly Plans
  • Spots are limited – reserve yours.
  • Monthly enrolments.
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Best Value
best value
Pay Upfront and Save
  • Spots are limited – reserve yours.
  • Monthly enrolments.
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3rd Party Finance
  • Swedish students have the right to apply for student finance through CSN (Swedish National Board of Student Aid). 
  • Finance is available for tuition fees, insurance, and travel expenses. 
  • Finance offered on a case by case basis. 
  • Code Institute is approved by CSN, to apply all you need is your letter of acceptance from Code Institute. 
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Disclaimer: Some of the options above are loans. Taking on a loan is a big commitment. Like any loan, it must be repaid under the lending provider’s terms, even if you are not working or don’t complete the course. You should investigate all the funding options that may be open to you to ensure you make an informed decision about whether the loan is right for you. Your lending agreement is between you and the lender. Code Institute accepts no liability regarding any loans taken out via one of our finance partners listed here. We encourage you to fully assess your financial situation and to read the full terms and conditions before taking out a loan.

Learner Grants Available

Learner Loans UK
  • Code Institute is working in partnership with Further Education Colleges across Britain and Wales.
  • Funding is through the Learner Loan and Further Education Colleges.
  • Spaces are limited.
  • We recommend you complete the 5 Day Coding Challenge before you apply.
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National Transition Training Fund
  • If you are currently under threat of redundancy or have been made redundant at any time from March 1st 2020.
  • Must be aged 25 or over.
  • Up to £2,500.
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ReAct Training Fund
  • Support under the ReAct scheme is available for individuals who live in Wales.
  • Applicants must be unemployed on or after January 1st, 2020.
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Educational Training Boards Ireland
  • Code Institute works with various Educational Training Boards in Ireland. To find out more, follow this link, or talk to an Education Advisor.
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