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ICT & Software Developer Salaries Consistently High Worldwide

This week we have been looking at software developer salaries in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, the UK and the USA, and a continuous trend is highlighting itself. ICT & software developer salaries, in general, are consistently in the top average earner lists for each country.

Over the last few days, we have gone through a mix of governmental statistics as well as recruiter research to examine ICT & software developer salaries in various countries around the world. Considering the size of the current skills gap, the results are not surprising. First of all, in Germany, the Federal Statistical Office, Statistisches Bundesamt, tells us that ICT earners there are the second highest earners compared to all other sectors.

Also, tech job site, CWJobs, report the average software developer salary at more than £52,500. ICT workers on average earn more than most industries except the Financial and Insurance sector.

In the Netherlands, according to international job site, the average salary of a software developer is €58,240. Centraal Planbureau, the Dutch statistics office, tells us that the average salary across the board for the Netherlands is €37,500. This is a real indicator of a boost for coders in that country.

The Irish Central Statistics Office (CSO) tells us that the average national income is a little over €35,000 per annum. However, because of the skills gap, the average starting salary for a software developer there is reported to be €33k (can start as high as €40k). Likewise, the same office places ICT workers as the third highest earners in the country. The reported average salary for an ICT worker there is a little above €61,000.

ICT & Software Developer Salaries – $103,000 in USA

Similarly, USA figures highlight the same trend. Average ICT & software developer salaries in the US are reported to be as high as $103,560, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This massive average figure is accentuated by the fact that the average annual income for the USA is $45,396.

ICT & software developer salaries are reaching these heights because of the massive global ICT skills gap. In Europe alone, it is estimated that the gap is as large as 500,000 to 900,000. While in the USA, commentators reckon that the gap will be as much as 1 million by 2020. While we’ve focused mainly on the countries mentioned in this piece, these trends are global. 

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