Bildungskarenz & Code Institute: Your Path to Success in Software Development


Bildungskarenz & Code Institute: Your Path to Success in Software DevelopmentIndicates a 3-minute read

Why Code Institute?

Code Institute provides professional qualifications programmes tailored to the demands of the European Software Development industry. We are excited to have arrived in Austria, especially in Vienna, as more than 27.000 high-paying jobs in Software Development are available and there for the taking for those who can get the job done. 

Code Institute’s Full-Stack Software Development programme is a comprehensive Berufliche Weiterbildung devoted to supplying the demand of software developers who are able to tackle the challenges of the fast-paced digitisation in Europe.

What is Bildungskarenz?

Bildungskarenz is paid time off work to upskill and pursue higher positions in your company or elsewhere; it is translated as educational leave; its purpose is to give employed people time and money to invest in themselves and become more valuable professionals, who earn more, and are able to supply the demand of software developers in Austria. When you’re in Karenz, you will receive between 55 – 80% of your monthly salary to cover the cost of the course and life expenses. Also, remember you can earn up to €500 on the side and combine your Bildungskarenz with Bildungsteilzeit once! 

What is Bildungsteilzeit?

Bildungsteilzeit is a funding instrument for the employed. You can reduce your working hours by 25% or 50% to focus on your education as you benefit from an allowance corresponding to the amount of reduced hours. For example, you usually work 40h a week. A reduction of 50%, that is, 20h a week, would grant you a monthly allowance of €546. You would get half your salary on top of that. 

Combining Bildungskarenz with Bildungsteilzeit

You can change from Bildungskarenz to Bildungsteilzeit and the other way around once as you retain your relationship with your employer. Remember that you can also get up to 55% of your tuition back as a tax deduction at the end of the year. What’s more, is that depending on your region, you might be eligible for the Digi-Bonus or other kinds of funding. Ask your AMS advisor about the combinations possible for your case. 

Benefits of Bildungskarenz with Code Institute:

Focus on Your Education

With Bildungskarenz, you can prioritise your further education without any obstacles. This means students can dedicate their time and energy solely to mastering the art of coding while their expenses are covered.

Add Massive Value to Your Company

By acquiring new coding skills through Code Institute’s programme, you’ll become an indispensable asset to your company. Your enhanced expertise will significantly impact your projects and your team’s success, making you a key player in the organisation.

Financial Support

The Bildungskarenz corresponds to 55-80% of your salary for the time you are studying with us. This financial support ensures you can focus on your learning journey without worrying about financial burdens.

No Need to Quit Your Job

Don’t worry about choosing between your current job and further education. Bildungskarenz allows you to continue your employment while taking up to 10 months of employer-approved time off.

Requirements for Bildungskarenz: 

To be eligible for Bildungskarenz, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Minimum six-month continuous employment period with the same employer (three months for seasonal workers).

2. Mutual agreement between employer and employee (Vereinbarung über Bildungskarenz).

3. Code Institute’s acceptance letter to our programme designed for professionals in Bildungskarenz (Zulassungsbescheid, Studienverlauf, Stundenplan, KVA).

Find out more about the Bildungskarenz here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bildungskarenz:

How do you go on educational leave? 

Educational leave is possible with mutual consent between the employer and the employee. The further training measure must be directly related to the employee’s professional career, and specific conditions must be met.

How does educational leave work in Austria? 

Educational leave grants you paid time off work to focus on your professional education and training.

How long does educational leave last?

Ten months.

How do I get a Bildungskarenz? 

Get your employer agreement, sign up with us, and upload your documents to your e-AMS Konto.

How to apply:

Fill out the employer agreement form, create an e-AMS Konto, give us a call, and upload the materials.

Your Software Development Journey

Learning to code with the Bildungskarenz initiative can be a game-changer for your career in software development. By enrolling in Code Institute’s programme, you can enjoy the benefits of financial support and the opportunity to become an essential asset to your company—all without quitting your job. 

The Bildungskarenz offers a unique opportunity for professional growth and advancement, allowing you to focus on your education and take your coding skills to new heights.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards an exciting future in software development, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with one of Code Institute’s friendly education advisors today. They’ll be thrilled to answer all your questions and guide you on your journey to success. So, why wait? Embark on your coding adventure with the Bildungskarenz today! 

Schedule a call with an education advisor through the form below.

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