Python Projects for Beginners


Python Projects for Beginners
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Python has recently become one of the most widely used programming languages. Everything from website development to software testing to machine learning uses it. Moreover, both developers and non-developers can use it. Python is a popular, interpreted, object-oriented, high-level, dynamically semantic, and general-purpose programming language. Whether or not they know of it, consumers use many Python-powered gadgets regularly. Python can be used for various activities because it is a general-purpose language, including software and web development, automation, data research, and finishing daily tasks. In this article, we look at 16 Python projects for beginners.

What is Python?

Software and websites can be created using Python and automated processes, and data can be analysed using Python. Python is a general-purpose language that developers can use to build various applications. It is not designed for any particular purpose. Programming languages like Python and C++ are widely used because of their adaptability and beginner-friendliness.

Python is widely used to develop websites, automate repetitive tasks, and display data. In addition, due to its simplicity, Python has been used for a range of routine activities, such as managing finances, by many people who are not programmers.

At the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands, Guido van Rossum created Python in the late 1980s and early 1990s. ABC, Modula-3, C, C++, Algol-68, Smalltalk, the Unix shell, and other scripting languages are just a few that Python is developed from. Copyright applies to Python. Python source code is now accessible under the GNU General Public License, much like Perl (GPL).

Although a core development team at the institution is now responsible for maintaining Python, Guido van Rossum continues to play a vital role in guiding its development. 

16 Python Projects for Beginners

If you are a beginner looking out for some cool Python project ideas, we have the best ones sorted for you. These are: 

  1. Mad Libs Generator
  2. Number Guessing
  3. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  4. Text-Based Adventure Game
  5. Dice Rolling Simulator
  6. Hangman
  7. Contact Book
  8. Binary Search Algorithm
  9. Calculator
  10. YouTube Video Downloader
  11. Story Generator
  12. Python Website Blocker
  13. Login System
  14. Make a URL Shortener with Python
  15. Create a Simple Chatbot with Python
  16. Automatic Excel Operations

Mad Libs Generator

Given that it uses strings, variables, and concatenation, this basic python project is a nice place to start for newcomers. 

The input data that the Mad Libs Generator manipulates can be an adjective, a pronoun, or a verb. After receiving input, the software organises the facts to create a story. If you’re new to coding, you should try this fantastic Python project.

Number Guessing

This project is a fun game where the player must predict the generated random number within a given range after being given tips. When a user guesses incorrectly, they are presented with further clues to help, which lowers their score.

The application also has routines determining whether the user inputs a number and the discrepancy between two numbers.

Rock Paper Scissors 

This program employs a variety of functions, so it’s an excellent opportunity to become familiar with that crucial idea. To produce the game of rock, paper, or scissors

  • Valid purpose: to confirm the move’s legality.
  • Result function: Indicating who won the round is the result function.
  • Scorekeeper: one who keeps score.

Before making a move, the software waits for the user to take action. For example, a string or alphabet representing rock, paper, or scissors might be used as the input. After analysing the input text, the result function determines the winner, while the scorekeeper function updates the round’s score.

Text-based Adventure Game

This is an entry-level Adventure game. It is just a text-based system. Users may navigate around many rooms inside a single set in this game version, and it is based on user input. It will offer explanations for each location. One of the most intriguing introductory basic python projects is this one.

It’s important to note that users may only travel in specific directions within the rooms. You should also place mobility limitations and include a tracker that can track how far a player has walked or moved throughout the game. This Python project on the CV will make it appear much more intriguing than other resumes.  

Dice Rolling Simulator

As implied by the program’s name, it shall simulate rolling dice. One of the intriguing Python projects will produce a random number each time the software rolls the dice, and the user is free to do it as often as he likes. The computer application will provide a random number between 1 and 6 when the user rolls the dice.

The user will then see the number displayed. Additionally, users will be prompted to roll the dice once again. Additionally, the software must have a function that prints out a random integer between 1 and 6. Working on this Python project for beginners, you may learn about the foundations of programming and many coding principles.


It’s more like a guess-the-word game here. When making this project, you must use the following basic ideas: strings, input and output, variables, integer, boolean char and random.

To play the game, users must submit letter guesses, and each user is allotted a certain number of guesses. One of the most strongly suggested projects for novices learning Python is The Hangman.

A pre-arranged list of words that you can produce is available for users to pick from. However, to confirm that a user has submitted a single letter or whether the input letter is in the concealed word, to ascertain whether the user has entered a single letter, and to output the proper results, you must also put in place a few routines.

Contact Book

One of the best Python projects for beginners is this one. Everybody keeps their contact information in a contact book, such as name, address, phone number, and even email address. 

The main goal of this project is to utilise Python to create a contact book where users may examine all of their connections’ data, add new contacts, update or remove existing contacts, and so on. This one is one of the best Python project ideas for beginners to improve their mastery of the programming language.

You will create a contact book application for the command line that users can use to store and locate contact information. Users should be able to list saved contacts, edit contact information, and remove contacts using the program. 

The best platform for storing contacts is the SQLite database. Beginning with a project in Python might help you get your career off to a strong start.

Binary Search algorithm

Do you recall the saying, “Finding a needle in a haystack”? To do this, this application uses a binary search technique. You may list random numbers between 0 and 100, with each number differing by two from the one before it.

The application will check to see if a random number entered by the user is in the list. It will accomplish this by splitting the list in half. The computer will delete the opposite half of the list if it locates the number in the first half and vice versa.

The search will go on until the user-inputted number is found or the subarray size is set to 0. (this means that the number is not in the list). Using this Python project idea, you may build and implement an algorithm that looks for an element in a list.


You may learn how to create a graphical user interface using this project, which is also a fantastic way to get to know a library like Tkinter. With the help of this library, you can design buttons that do various tasks and show the results on the screen.

YouTube Video Downloader 

Working on a YouTube video downloader is one of the most acceptable ways to begin exploring hands-on Python projects for learners. This is the finest illustration of how to teach Python to novices in an enjoyable way. Every month, more than one billion individuals watch YouTube. 

We occasionally like to download specific videos permanently. YouTube does not provide that option, but you may develop an application that allows you to download YouTube videos in various file types and video quality. This project appears complicated, but once you get started, it is simple.

Story Generator

Did you believe that random sampling was the most challenging approach to using a random module in Python? This notion couldn’t be more false. Using the random module, it is also feasible to develop stories that go above and beyond.

Every time the user runs the application, the goal is to generate a new tale. There won’t be much difference in the input, but the plot will always remain the same. This fascinating yet challenging Python project will help novices build confidence in the language.

In essence, the application will request user input, such as the name of a location, an activity, etc., and then create a narrative based on the information.

Python Website Blocker

Many undesirable websites continue to pop up as we browse the internet. So you create software that prevents annoying websites from appearing while working on this practical Python project. 

As new Python users learn the basics, creating such applications will enhance their confidence. Students who wish to study without being distracted by social media and those who do not want to have their work interrupted by unwelcome websites can benefit from this software. 

The resume will appear much more fascinating than others if it includes this sort of Python project.

Login System

A login system is a simple yet valuable project to start with if you are interested in web development. Letting the user input into a programmed text file at registration and validating it after login is a novel technique to handle this problem.

To get authorised access to software, it works similarly to how you register and enter the data into the software’s database. If you’re interested in web development, a login system is one of the most straightforward yet valuable projects you may work on. Putting user input into a text file at registration and validating it after login is a novel technique to handle this problem.

Make a URL Shortener With Python

As a Python beginner, URL shorteners are an easy project to get started with.

Python modules such as pyshorteners can be used to carry out the project. Python is a language that can be used to create custom URL shorteners using Bitly’s API. It’s a great place to start when it comes to APIs.

In addition, you can try to understand how things work by creating an algorithm for the URL shortener.

Create a Simple Chatbot With Python

IT firms are increasingly using AI to increase consumer happiness. Sometimes they do this by including a chatbot that communicates with you automatically, in an organic manner, each time you browse their website.

If you’re enthusiastic about deep learning using neural networks and AI, natural language processing, AKA, NLP, one of Python’s strengths, might pique your curiosity. 

You can converse with an AI on a website just like a person. Developing your own art chatbot doesn’t require putting it online, but it provides a starting point for more in-depth exploration.

Automatic Excel Operations  

Using Vlookup and Excel, you may take advantage of Python’s versatility for creativity, whether you are an expert in VBA or frequently convert dates and times.

If you want to utilise Python for data science or statistical analysis, automating Excel activities is quite helpful. Through this project, you will gain knowledge of data management and data science technologies, including NumPy, matplotlib and pandas.


We have listed out Python projects for beginners that are entertaining and challenge theoretical understanding. These projects aid in improving practical Python handling skills. If you want to find out more about using Python, then check out our cheat sheet

Mastering Python can help you advance your career and take advantage of some of the best opportunities on the planet. Even if Python books and tutorials are helpful, nothing compares to diving into the code and working on code challenges. Register for our free coding challenge now through the form below. Happy coding!

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